Maison M, previously known as “Makhlouf” was founded in 1948 in Dora, Mount Lebanon, by Hanna Makhlouf as a small shop specialized in trading apples and a small selection of fruits and vegetables.

A few years later, operations expanded to include the selling of freshly made sandwiches. In 1988, Charbel and Elie Makhlouf, the sons of Hanna Makhlouf took charge and changed the company’s business model.

They turned what was once an apple trading shop into a full-fledged quality-driven food market that includes a butchery, a fish department, fruits and vegetable section, cheese and cold department, a roastery, freshly baked goods, and packaged food, beverages, and cigars. The store was the first of its kind in Lebanon, allowing only the products with the best quality to reach its shelves. The strategy focused on selling the highest standards of quality for the fairest of prices.

In 2000, the company opened a catering company with a French and Oriental Pastry, European and Oriental Bakery, and a savory kitchen that caters to all kinds of private and corporate events across the region. The brothers then expanded their market presence by opening another branch in Naccache – Antelias that hosts the boutique supermarket, a Lebanese restaurant called Maison M Restaurant, and a steak and sushi restaurant called SteakBarSushi.

To this day, the company is still the leader as a delicatessen store across the region, sticking true to its mission of selling the greatest tastes and flavors the world has to offer for the most competitive prices.

  Discover Maison M Experience

Maison M is a quality driven food & beverage market which has been leading the Lebanese food and beverage industry since 1948.

It offers a futuristic vision in the food and beverage industry by creating innovative tastes and designs in all of its departments.

The Company consists of a team of 200 passionate employees, working hand in hand to provide diversified flavors of luxury in its various food boutique branches.

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